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we provide quick, affordable, and easily accessible Contract Review services handled by real construction contract experts, as well as fill-in-the-blank Lien and Bond Claim Forms that are ready for you to submit and claim your right to payment.

Signing a subcontract you don’t understand can put your entire livelihood in jeopardy, and neglecting your lien rights can keep you from being paid for your projects. If you’re a subcontractor, you need to understand and negotiate a fair subcontract and ensure you collect the money you are owed.

The Subcontractor Institute was created by Karalynn Cromeens, Owner & Managing Partner of The Cromeens Law Firm. In the seventeen years she has practiced construction, real estate, and business law, she has reviewed and explained thousands of subcontracts. For years, she has tried saving companies that have signed problematic subcontracts and lost out on being paid for their work. Unfortunately, it was too late by the time they came to her; she could do nothing to help.

She hated seeing clients lose money—sometimes their entire business—over language they did not understand and laws they did not know about. Watching these situations play out day after day was the driving force behind her two books, Quit Getting Screwed: Understanding and Negotiating the Subcontract, and Quit Getting Stiffed: A Texas Contractor’s Guide to Liens & Collections, as well as the creation of The Subcontractor Institute.


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Unlike other online legal services, our team of contract review experts deal with nothing but construction contracts. We know construction contracts like the back of our hand! We also know that owner or general contractor wanted that signed contract back yesterday, and with our Rush Service, the 2-business-day turnaround begins the moment you submit your contract.

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The Course - Mastering the Subcontract

Enroll for FREE and get access to all 20 chapters of the Mastering The Subcontract course. Each chapter includes an instructional video, a course worksheet, the corresponding chapter from Quit Getting Screwed, and templates and/or example wording to use in your business.

Additional Resources

Here at the Subcontractor Institute we also offer multiple other free resources for your construction company in addition to our full course, such as credit applications, lien waivers, change order and credit reference check forms, and more. Check out our Additional Free Resources page today!

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