Lien Laws

To protect your right to be paid, you need to file your liens under your state's lien laws. There are different laws for each state, so you must understand and abide by a specific set of rules depending on where your project is located. We're here to take away the complexity and confusion of locating and learning the laws for your state(s) by collecting them all in one place and breaking them down in Plain English for you to have a clearer understanding. Here, we will expand on exactly what each state requires of you to file a valid lien.

Fully comprehending the laws you must follow to file your construction lien properly is essential. For those who need a little extra help, we’ve created fill-in-the-blank forms for every single state to help simplify the complicated lien and bond claim process. If you need even more assistance with your lien or bond claims, or are under a tight deadline, we suggest contacting an experienced, full-service construction law firm. Our sister company, The Cromeens Law Firm, has an entire lien and collections team ready to help you collect what you are owed and protect your business. 

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