Episode 8: Build a Passion for Problem Solving (with Eddie & Tyler Campbell)

Episode link: https://the-quit-getting-screwed-podcast.castos.com/episodes/episode-8-build-a-passion-for-problem-solving-with-the-construction-brothers

If you do what you love, you don’t work a day in your life. That’s how the saying goes, but according to Karalynn’s newest guests, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. On episode 8 of the Quit Getting Screwed podcast, Karalynn is joined by Tyler and Eddie Campbell of the Construction Brothers Podcast, a massively successful and highly informational construction podcast. Together, they discuss how to propel yourself forward as an industry professional. Tyler and Eddie suggest that it starts with two primary factors: developing a passion for what you do and really digging your heels in.

The episode begins with a brief overview of the brothers. Eddie dives into their history, mentioning that they are 6th generation builders and have wound up in the family business. Eddie says, “I’ve been working in BIM for the last 16, 17 years and have grown in my love for the industry. Especially my love for building. It wasn’t really what I set out to do at first...But after college, I landed here, and it’s something that is almost in the blood here. We really love to build.” Tyler has a similar story, not precisely planning to enter construction but ending up working with their family at ABSI and discovering a love of the industry there.

Tyler remembers, “I’ve been in the industry probably about nine years now. I came into ABSI similarly to Eddie. I didn’t expect myself to be in the construction industry. I just kind of fell into the family business, you know? And so, dad poured into me for about a year, and then after that, I went and moved into an office with Eddie, and the rest is kind of history. We took off from there.” Their family history within the industry, combined with their unexpected but quickly garnered passion for trades work, inspired the brothers to become the well-rounded construction pros they are today and enabled them to develop a clear understanding of the industry- both where it excels and where it suffers.

A thorough understanding of the industry’s strengths and weaknesses led to their creation of the Construction Brothers Podcast and their subsequent services. Tyler notes that the reason the company began in the first place was predominantly because “we wanted to share ideas and encourage people. We felt like there was an encouragement problem in the industry. We felt like we were beating up on each other constantly because we’re a sub of a sub, you know. We’re lower than pond scum, seeing the whales swim above us and saying, well, how do we get up there? We wanted to be able to speak into the industry and try to encourage the people around us.” Eddie adds that the educational part has become a passion of theirs, as many people enter the industry because they are amazing at their craft but may not necessarily know all the ins and outs of owning a business.

Ultimately, the brothers have a lot to say about developing a culture of passion and positivity within the industry, how it can help advance individual people and companies, and how it can advance the industry. Breaking away from the stigma and cultivating an industry in which professionals are rooting for each other is how Eddie and Tyler believe tradesfolk can revive the industry. For more on this, as well as a deep dive on the specific experience Eddie and Tyler have, be sure you tune into Episode 8: Build a Passion for Problem Solving (With Eddie & Tyler Campbell).

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