Episode 6: How to Gain a “Leading Edge” (with Todd Dawalt)

Episode link: https://the-quit-getting-screwed-podcast.castos.com/episodes/episode-6-how-to-gain-a-34leading-edge34-with-todd-dawalt

Every contractor wants to gain a leg up on the competition. In episode 6, Karalynn is joined by Todd Dawalt, podcast host of The Construction Leading Edge Podcast and professional contractor business coach, to discuss how to make this happen. Todd’s experiences starting and building businesses made him the perfect point of reference to discuss what he believes every contractor should know before going into business for themselves. Todd has been working in construction for 24 years, beginning his career working for a prominent general contractor, building commercially for multiple years. He garnered experience not only building, but also project managing and estimating, as well. After years in the industry, Tom thought he was ready to go into business on his own.

“I thought you know what? I'm making these guys all sorts of money. I'll just go start my own business! And then I made quite a few mistakes there because I thought, ‘Hey, I'm pretty good at building buildings; the business side of it can't be that big of a deal.’ And that was a big mistake,” he says, recalling the many pitfalls his past self would stumble into on this endeavor. Tom recounts his first attempt at running a business as a poor choice at the time. He says, as with any contractor starting out in business ownership, “I just didn't know what I didn't know there. And so, I got hit with a bit of a perfect storm with my own business. I had a business partner who stole money from me, so I got screwed by my business partner. Several other things happened all at the same time, such as customers that didn't pay, and it all just hit. It went from everything going really well to it just dropping out at the bottom, so I shut that business down.”

This initial trip up played a large part in inspiring Todd to learn more about the business-building side of the construction industry. He invested his time and energy in developing his skills and cultivating his understanding of business management and growth. This inspired effort kickstarted his trek to get to where he is today, owner of multiple businesses, and successful business coach for contractors across the country. Todd’s expertise has manifested in the continued success of his many clients, and all he has learned, he begins to share in today’s podcast. From cash flow tips and operational critiques to cultivating a positive mindset and investing in business management tools, Todd has a lot to say to help the modern-day craftsman build the business of his or her dreams.

In addition to the valuable insight, he offers in the podcast, Todd also shares with Karalynn the many other invaluable resources he has available to listeners, such as his own construction education podcast, The Construction Leading Edge, his contractor coaching program by the same name, and his various masterclasses covering all things business building. Todd makes an effort to extend his helping hands as far as he can, and into as many spaces as possible, elevating accessible education to a variety of professionals. This episode is no exception to that mission.

Todd’s intention, effort, and incredible experience in building and developing construction businesses make him an incredible aide and point of reference in the business betterment journeys of all our listeners. To hear what he can contribute to how your business operates, tune in to Episode 6: The Construction Leading Edge (With Todd Dawalt).

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